Company Helps Charity’s Alpacas


Cherry Active, a British company that supplies Cherry, Beetroot and Blueberry concentrates worldwide has chosen to support Change of Scene, a local children’s charity for disadvantaged children & young people. Cherry Active having already made a £1,000 donation towards the Charity’s general running costs have continued to assist by promoting a fundraising initiative to build a new shelter the Charity’s alpacas for winter as the old one is rotting away.

The Alpacas are an important part of Change of Scene. They are very nervous creatures that require those who approach them to be very calm and quiet if they’re to earn their trust. The 6-18 year olds who attend the Charity, display a wide range of complex social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, which often causes them difficulty to express themselves in a moderate manner. This frequently results in them having been excluded from mainstream education. However, they learn to adapt their more exuberant nature very quickly when seeking to hand feed the alpacas!

When at Change of Scene, the children care for a wide range of animals from reptiles to the alpacas. They work hard raising plants and harvesting fruit & vegetables; they do baking, carpentry and help around the grounds. These simple experiences often prove life-changing and in the majority of instances result in attendees returning to education with a sense of purpose and a belief that they can fulfil their potential in life. An ability to go confidently in the direction of their dreams.

If you would like to make a donation to the fundraising for the alpacas new winter shelter then please visit or contact or