Goodbye and Thank You

In May 2017, Chris Storey stepped down from his year as Mayor of Waverley. During his tenure, we were lucky enough to be one of his chosen Charities and throughout the year the Mayor, ably assisted by his wife, Judith, held a series of fundraising events.

These included a barn darn with a fish and chip supper, which was greatly enjoyed by all. With music provided by the Hogs Back Band, dancers learned to ‘do si do’ and had a marvellous time.

We also enjoyed a pub quiz night and, most recently, James Keen rode the Farnham 75. This demanding bike ride involves a massive 5,400 feet of climbing including Butser Hill, one of the highest points in Hampshire.

James managed to fundraise a magnificent £1653, which he was generous enough to donate to the Mayor’s Charities. Our thanks to James and to all the people who agreed to sponsor him.

We feel truly privileged to have been part of Chris Storey’s successful year in office and our heartfelt thanks go to him, Judith, and everyone who supported his Charities in 2016/2017.