About us

Located on a 16-acre smallholding in a south Farnham valley, Change of Scene provides respite, educational and leisure facilities for disadvantaged children and young people of predominantly Surrey & Hampshire, aged 6 – 18 years old who are referred by statutory authorities (mainly Education, via schools, and Social Services, via Home School Link Workers). Set in a quiet haven with a homely atmosphere, the children interact with a wide range of animals.  The Charity’s purpose is to help the young people gain strength from the natural environment, achieve a sense of purpose & self-esteem and to provide a sanctuary to which they can return.

To enable those who flounder in a classroom environment/have social, emotional or behavioural difficulties, to gain a sense of personal achievement, each young person is given one-to-one support.  They agree boundaries; respect a mutual code of conduct and work consistently within a structure of Work, Rest & Play.  Many who attend have little or no experience of the natural environment, of basic disciplines; caring for animals; tending to plants, conservation, seasonal activities, etc.  From these new experiences they gain an appreciation that life has a pattern & purpose; that their regular input and care makes a worthwhile and tangible contribution; this in turn makes them feel good and the resultant “rest and play” of their choice becomes even more rewarding.

The whole experience engenders calm, self-confidence, a belief in a promising future; that they can and will create positive outcomes for themselves, and will ultimately make positive contributions to society.

Change of Scene doesn’t seek to make a marginal difference for many but a life-changing difference for a few…though, of course, as the years pass, those few are becoming many!  The focus is on quality of outcome, not quantity of output.

Change of Scene hopes that it fires the imagination, engenders perseverance and creates success by promoting the unfaltering belief that it’s impossible to fail.

To maintain and improve its facilities, the charity needs to raise a minimum of £80,000 per annum.

If you think you can help or would like to know more please contact Sue Weaver.
sue@changeofscene.org.uk or by phone on: 01252 794960 or 07831 675808.

“It’s time to start living the life you’ve imagined”

Henry James