And Cria Makes Three

After a pretty wet start to the month, the continuing beautiful weather means that all three of our alpacas have at last given birth. All three conformed to the theory that alpacas give birth on sunny days!

Three baby alpacas, known as crias, have been welcomed into the herd.

Taking her cue from Inky, on 6th May 2018, Dimili had a white female who weighed 7.5kg. We are currently holding a poll to decide on her name – currently in the lead are Blossom or Marshmallow. Despite being almost three weeks younger, the new arrival is almost the same size as Lucky, our black, male cria.

Finally, on 13th May, a month after Inky’s baby was born, our last pregnant alpaca, Fleur, had her baby. This one was another girl, the smallest of the lot, weighing only 6.4kg. So far, we haven’t decided on a name for our newest arrival and are planning to hold a poll on our Facebook page. If you visit, you can make sure your vote counts!

All three mothers and babies are doing well, enjoying the sun and having a lovely time meeting the rest of the herd and gambolling around the fields. 

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