CoS Open Afternoon

Last month, Change of Scene opened its doors to visitors interested in finding out more about the Charity.

Boris the Mangalitsa

On 22nd May 2019, we were lucky enough to have a beautiful afternoon in which to welcome interested people. Staff led tours of the site and introduced visitors to our animals. As always, Boris the Mangalitsa pig proved to be an enormous hit!

People from a range of different groups attended, including a local branch of the WI, the Waverley Singers and members of FoCoS, our new fundraising arm.

Rob Fairbanks, Bridget Biddell, Kim Field, Sue Weaver, Gordon Jackson, Ellen McGuigan

At the end of the afternoon, we had a visit from Bridget Biddell, the new High Sheriff of Surrey, who was very keen to introduce us to Gordon Jackson and Rob Fairbanks from the Surrey Hills AONB. Their visit was short, but hopefully enjoyable and they got to meet our two sulcata tortoises, Sully and Mama Cass.

It was lovely to have so many people interested in the work of Change of Scene and many thanks to everyone who attended our 2019 Open Afternoon.

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