Help from Helios

Ask Helios

In mid-September 2019, Change of Scene were delighted to welcome a group of 34 volunteers from Farnborough based company, Ask Helios.

Volunteers working hard

Armed with a full range of gardening tools, the volunteers spent all day hard at work on the site, carrying out an enormous number of tasks – everything from making sure the pond is weed-free to covering the vegetable patch in bird-proof netting. The volunteers even managed to collect some of our blackberries and build a lovely new cage for our ferret, Foggy.

Volunteers and Tango

Fortunately, the weather stayed fine for the whole day and, after a long, tiring day, the volunteers had the chance to meet some of our animals, including our nine alpaca, our sulcata tortoises and our corn snake, Tango.  

We would like to thank all the volunteers who did so much hard work on our site. Everything looks amazing!

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