Mission Statement

Change of Scene (CoS) seeks to:

  • Make a life changing difference for disadvantaged children, aged 6 – 18 years, of Surrey, Hampshire and adjacent  areas
  • Provide educational, respite and leisure activities for young people who are predominantly referred by statutory authorities (education/social services) because they  flounder in mainstream education due to social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties
  • Enable the young people to re-engage in main stream education by inviting them to help, once or twice a week,  to run the homely 16- acre South Farnham smallholding that is nestled in an idyllic tranquil valley
  • Provide stability so they can continue to attend for as long as they find it beneficial
  • Help the young people gain strength from the natural environment, achieve a sense of purpose & self-esteem and to provide a sanctuary to which they can return
  • Achieve these outcomes by giving one-to-one support to each young person; by agreeing boundaries with them; by respecting a mutual code of conduct and by working consistently within a structure of Work, Rest & Play
  • Improve the conditions of life of such young people by developing their skills, capacities and capabilities so enabling them to ultimately better participate in society
  • Ensure the safety of the children in its care at all times through diligent scrutiny of the people with whom the children come into contact and through following stringent health & safety protocols
  • Continue to improve its expertise in working  with  the youngsters who are referred by continually training its staff and volunteers and by taking advice from experts, e.g. child psychologists
  • Liaise with school staff and social workers, parents, carers, indeed any and all key personnel who have a seminal influence in the young person’s life, as the occasion and need arises, in order to better appreciate the influences upon them, and to coordinate information to the child/young person’s best advantage
  • Raise funds to:
    • Ensure that  every child and/or young person, who has been accepted,  can continue to attend irrespective of whether their state/private funding ceases
    • Provide transport facilities to/from school/home, if these are not otherwise available
    • Maintain its livestock, comprising 16 different species, its land, buildings and environs
    • Continually provide  new and improved facilities (capital)
    • Cover its running costs (revenue)
  • Utilise to the best effect the services of dedicated volunteers, corporate social responsibility  initiatives and other beneficial offers of assistance be they practical and/or financial

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

Henry Ford