Otter Wey Trail

This summer, the Otter Wey Trail ran for two months in Farnham. An initiative of Jo Aylwin and Farnham in Bloom, charities, schools and businesses were asked to decorate the 1m tall otters which were then displayed round the town. In all, 44 otters were decorated and displayed

The Change of Scene was beautifully designed and decorated by Kim Field, with a little help from the attendees, and housed in the Farnham Frame Centre, courtesy of Caroline and Steve Dyche. A special thank you from all at Cos goes out to them.

On 9th July 2018, an auction of all the otters was held and we are delighted to say that the purchaser of the Change of Scene otter was its sponsor, Cello Health. It will be displayed in the reception of their Farnham offices. Tarquin the Otter brought much positive publicity for Change of Scene not only during its time on the Otter Wey, but going forward on display in its new location at Cello Health.

The Otter Wey was designed to raise funds for the nominated charities of the 2017-18 Mayor of Farnham, Mike Hodge.

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