"I can't speak highly enough..."

Change of Scene have taken placements from about 3 of our very troubled children from the school that I teach at and do miraculous things with them. For half a day a week these children learn how to be kind, gentle, nurturing and respectful towards animals on the farm. They are usually children that are disruptive in the class because they cannot tolerate frustration and get angry very quickly. Change of Scene teaches them in a very practical way how to persevere with things even when they are difficult or unpleasant (eg mucking out!).

I can't speak highly enough of the work they do for children who are SO different from yours and my children.  Honestly, the children that we sent to this placement have backgrounds that would make your blood run cold. Their time at the farm is something they look forward to every week and makes them feel so good about themselves.

Lucy Ryder Guildford school teacher

I wanted to express my thanks to you all at Change at Scene.

 “A” is thoroughly enjoying himself and particularly loved the bonfire last week. On our return journey he was so chatty, we had a two way conversation, initiated by him, for about ten minutes.  We continued to discuss all kinds of interesting stuff, at intervals, for the rest of the journey.  This is amazing for “A”, it was like having a natural conversation with anyone.  At one point he said "Is this the Hogs Back?"and then "Wow Mum look at the view!"  An interest in his surroundings in the car is unheard of.  

 It is so lovely to drop him off and be confident he will have a good time and want to come back!   

I really appreciate the special care you give to my boy. 

With kind regards, 


Note from CoS. "A" has ASD and has issues with transitions, lacks confidence, struggles with friendships and social skills. Not motivated to go to school. He finds school difficult and stressful – chaotic.and transition periods are particularly difficult , He can be reluctant to engage in anything and simply puts the brakes on.  He has difficulty coping with high noise levels. He hides.

Mrs W - a grateful mum

"I would recommend it to anyone working with disadvantaged children..."

When Sue was first setting up Change of Scene in 2008, I used to bring groups of children from my school with social and communication difficulties and physical difficulties. We were the guinea pigs for what is now the Change of Scene experience! The children helped to feed and groom the animals, made bird feeders, designed ‘bug hotels’, built dens, planted vegetables, etc. They really enjoyed these activities and Sue went out of her way to ensure that every child was involved, no matter what their difficulty. Many of these children rarely explored the outdoors due to their special needs but at Change of Scene they got to experience the natural environment around them in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Since then, two of the children from my school have been involved in weekly sessions at Change of Scene. One of these children has had difficulties in managing his behaviour appropriately, often resorting to angry and violent outbursts. However, after his weekly visit to Change of Scene, he comes back to school in a calm frame of mind and feels more positive about himself. The other child experienced great deprivation and neglect in her early life. Although she has now left my school, our paths cross from time to time. It has been lovely to see her blossom from a shy and fearful child into a confident and capable young adult. This transformation owes a great deal to the work of Change of Scene.

I have greatly valued my involvement with Change of Scene over the last five years. I would recommend it to anyone working with disadvantaged children who wish to foster the self-worth and positive life experiences of young people.

Laura Watson Special needs teacher

"His joy is undisguisable".

Although my son wasn’t keen on attending Change of Scene, he was persuaded, after his initial assessment visit, when he met all the wonderful animals, that he would be able to spend some time with. He said that he was really looking forward to working with the tortoises, even the thought of cleaning up behind them wasn’t going to put him off!

After one session at Change of Scene my son came out unable to hide his glee. His face was shining and, for someone who is normally quiet, he chattered away quite happily, telling me how Too-Kay, the bird, sat on his shoulder and gave him a peck [kiss!] on the cheek.

The welcoming party, consisting of Munchkin, the cat, is just outstanding! She gets in the car while we park, sitting on son’s lap purring away happily. His joy is undisguisable.

Mrs O. Parent from Aldershot

I hope to come back and work with you!

Thank you for having me. I have had a really good time with you all. It has been such good fun. I have learnt a lot of new skills which I will take away and use in college when I start my animal care course. I have enjoyed meeting new people and I will miss you all. I hope one day to be able to come back and work with you!

Special needs student Abbey School, Farnham - attended one day a week for a year