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Happy birthday Achilles!
20 September 2023

Our oldest alpaca Achilles, celebrated her birthday recently, turning the grand old age of 22. As alpaca typically live for 15-20 years, she's doing well. Currently the world's oldest living alpaca is 25 years and lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

You never know, if Achilles keeps being looked after so well by our attendees, maybe Change of Scene could have its own world record holder!

Achilles is one 7 Change of Scene alpacas - the girls; Fleur, Nutmeg, Zoe, Achilles and Dimili and the boys: George and Inky. We were hoping to add some babies to our herd this year but unfortunately, none of our girls got pregnant. It might be that they're looked after a litte too well; overweight alpacas are less likely to conceive.

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