“[We] wouldn’t have known what to do without Change of Scene. It’s the only place where A has been happy and where people have believed in him.”

“I just wanted to say what an enormous difference Change of Scene made to S and how much he loved it. It really had a huge positive effect both on his mental health and coping abilities. It was a life saver and I’m so grateful to Change of Scene.”

“H recently received his folder of all the AQAs he achieved, he is absolutely thrilled to have them. It shows he has so many skills that he can use in the future. Thank you for all your understanding, patience and hard work you put in, it means so much. From a very proud mum.”


“You are working with the most challenging young people in Surrey. When schools can’t cope, they come to you.” Surrey County Council’s Senior Social Worker 

“Change of Scene’s success rate is nothing short of amazing.” Surrey’s Lead Inclusion Officer

“R has done remarkably well with you and has been truly inspired. Thank you for all the work you have done with him, I fear we may have lost him all together had he not attended CoS.” Senco 


“Change of Scene is more than a farm, it’s more than work. It’s more like a family to me.” 

“Thank you for having me. I have had a really good time with you all. It has been such fun. I have learnt lots of new skills which I will take away and use in college when I start my Animal Care Course in September. I have enjoyed meeting new people and I will miss you all.”