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Lots of guinea pigs!

Back in

October we purchased four guinea pigs from a breeder (Willow, Marble, Crumpet and Chip). On the 1st December we were going about cleaning the cage when we thought one of the guinea pigs looked a bit rounder than normal. After thoroughly checking we realised that Willow was in fact a boy and three of our girls were pregnant! Willow went back to the breeder and it became a waiting game.

Our guinea pigs got fatter and fatter…

Finally on the 17th December Marble gave birth to one baby guinea pig (pup).

On Christmas Eve Chip gave birth to three pups.

Finally, on the 30th December, Crumpet also gave birth to three pups.

4 of the pups are male (boars) and so these will be rehomed, but we have decided to keep the three females (sows), who will continue to live with their mums.


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